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Lester bodywork / garage clear.

Greetings all,
We’re doing a production run of the ‘Lester’ style fully enveloped bodywork.
So if you already run it and need some new bits, or you fancy a bodywork change let me know.

Also, we’re having a clear out. I’ll list in the classified section shortly. We have the following for sale;
A 4 speed rocket box with hill climb ratios,
2x limited slip diffs
Mallock pedals
2x STACK dash
Elite gearbox ratios
Brise race alternator
Repackable stainless steel silencer

All will go on eBay this week. (Unless we receive an offer we can’t refuse 😉)

Re: Lester bodywork / garage clear.

Did you sell your lsds
Kindest regards

Re: Lester bodywork / garage clear.

Hi Mark,
All items sold I'm afraid.
New bodywork still available at very competitive rates.