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Brands Garage Allocation

We will have garages 1-14 at Brands, if anyone is testing on the Friday and has booked a garage, then please let me know so that I can take this into account when allocating them for the weekend Either reply to this message or text me on 07798 534704

Re: Brands Garage Allocation

Hi Mike

I have booked a large on Friday for testing.


Neil Chapman Car 5

Re: Brands Garage Allocation

Sorry that should say garage not large!!

Re: Brands Garage Allocation

Proposed garage Allocation, hopefully they will be aligned with those having booked a garage for testing on Friday.
If you wish to move then please speak with me

Garage No
1 Andy Georgiou
2 Jarred & Adrian Lester
3 Clive Wood
3 Pippa Tanner-Wood
4 Ian Crombie
5 Steven Dickens
6 David Wale
7 Brendan Herd
8 Brian Hunter
8 Neil Chapman
9 Cody Tree
9 Paul Freeman
10 Peter Richings
11 Barry Webb
12 Mike Evans
13 Morris Hart
14 Rodney Player