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Bike Engine Car

Hello and Happy New Year,

Is anyone running a bike engine car this year ? getting to the end of my build now....few years in the making just some testing to do !? if its on one piece and i think i can drive it to a reasonable standard ill be out at least to the Croft outing.



Re: Bike Engine Car

There are another two motorcycle engine cars that will be out this year. A shame you cant join them earlier than Croft. Or can you? Now there's a challenge for you.

Re: Bike Engine Car


Thats' good news. I am committed to work for the start of the year, hopefully get a test at Croft so maybe manage one of the first rounds.

Do you know what engines they are running, looking forward to seeing how they've been configured as that's taken most of the time with this build.

Re: Bike Engine Car

We’re running a Suzuki Hayabusa 1340 this year.
In truth Peter is the man to speak with (really helpful with parts of our build).
Not sure how much help I can be as our car is yet to be started or turn a wheel.

Re: Bike Engine Car


It’s all fitted and lightly track tested just a seat to make and some more track time. Reverse still to finalise but should be ok.

Long prop next your thigh isn’t great but no way round that.

Look forward to seeing yours out, and getting this old girl with her new dancing shoes on the track!