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Snetterton 300 - Club funded, Cheap entry

Just a note to remind you all that we have bought some track space at a BRSCC event weekend 7/8th July. We have tried to keep the cost down, and if you enter before June 27th you will get it for £455!!

Please enter the race in the same way as the other events - through the online BARC system, or via email with David Wheadon.

With it being a busy meeting we will not have the garages at this event, so please make plans accordingly. This means no hook-up, and therefore reduced catering.

The provisional timetable I have received for our races are as follows:

Saturday: Qualifying at 12.25 Race 1 at 17.00

Sunday: Race 2 at 12.10 Race 3 at 17.05

We will endeavour to do the bacon butties both Sat and Sunday mornings, and propose that we all have a communal BBQ together on the Saturday evening - but this will be bring your own and cook your own.... I will prepare some side dishes, but please work/plan together so we have sufficient bbq's / meat to share.

Looking forward :slightly_smiling_face: