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It is worth pointing out that under the Clubmans Register regulations there is no requirement for Classic A-Sport cars to run the newly Classic Clubmans mandated spec cam or Avon tyres. Under the Clubmans Register regulations you can continue to compete with your existing specification cam shaft and even run the longer lasting, more durable and faster Hankook tyres. Do not worry about Radials on a solid axle and very little camber as these tyres are running successfully across older Mallocks through to the latest specification Nemesis prototypes and they are half the price, yes half the price of Avons and last twice as long with no noticeable drop off in performance.

Should the number of Classic-A cars on the grid exceed 3, then a race winners trophy will be awarded for each race. Championship points apply as per our CSP1 class structure.

If there are sufficient competitor numbers then we may re-introduce the overall Classic-A Champion, (the top point scorer, that will be awarded the Annual Classic A-Sport BARC Champion trophy at the end of the year.

***This is the perfect opportunity for your season to complement your Classic races with the Register’s great value 3 race weekend format (usually with garages)***