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Non Championship Event 20/21/22 April

As mentioned at AGM 17/2 on behalf of the club I have investigated the possibilities of an additional non-championship event before the Championship commences at Brands in May. A dedicated test day seems 'out of the window' in terms of cost and venue availability and Croft is not available to us.

What however we do have available is a race weekend at Pembrey 20/21/22 April where we can get as follows on the new layout:

- Testing Friday in dedicated 20 min sessions whole day (6 sessions) £180 or half day (3 sessions £110)
- 1 x 15m quali and 1 x 15m race Saturday and 2 x 15m races Sunday £290 - yes - £290
- concrete pit apron area dedicated to us

so for £400 you can have a good shakedown test of 3 sessions and 3 races at one of the prime testing venues in the country. And a nice weekend in Wales!

The Class structure and technical regs would be as the Championship although I imagine that if for example people want to run some different tyres because that is what they currently have (Dunlop or something), then I personally don't raise objection to that.

As the Club would be buying the event from BARC we need a minimum 10 to race for it to happen. The testing is not critical in that regard but clearly makes it easier for Phil Davies to allocate dedicated testing sessions if we are a 'pack'!

Entry forms would be via me on behalf of the Club and not via BARC even though it is a BARC run event with Truck Championship and Welsh Sports Saloons etc.

Can people please PM me via my own FB page ASAP or e mail as above me to confirm interest so we know to proceed or not - personally hoping we can make a great weekend of it to get the juices moving for the start of the Championship.

Jamie Champkin CSP2 rep