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Gryphon Clubmans?

Hello all,

Could anybody help with identifying what I think is a late model Gryphon Clubmans which I have acquired to restore. Hoping to race in the series when done but in the interim would be very grateful for any information concerning this car - No 20. I think it was probably built late 70's and last raced mid 80's but may well be wrong. I can send photo's if anyone can assist?

Specifically would like to know:

• Model of Gryphon- no chassis plate attached
• When built ?
• Where to go for suspension specific parts – ball joints, bushes etc?
• Any history of the car with the previous owner?

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kind regards


Re: Gryphon Clubmans?

Hello Steve

Email me from this link for more info'. I will need whatever photos you have which will probably enable us to track your car down.

Best wishes

Chris Hart.

Re: Gryphon Clubmans?

Hi Chris,
I have made contact and identified the car as the ex Peter Ludford Diamond.

Re: Gryphon Clubmans?

Thanks to Paul Jackson & Chris Hart the car has been identified as a Diamond, built by Andy Diamond in 1976. If anybody has any further information or pictures of the Diamond cars - I believe there were only 3 - please let me know as this will greatly assist with the rebuild. The internet is a bit scarce on information! Many thanks. Steve.

Re: Gryphon Clubmans?

Peter Ludfords Diamond B Sport is part of the Clubmans test in 1978 by Derek Bell.

Re: Gryphon Clubmans?

Doesn't Phil Bisgrove still have the Diamond or did it sell ?

this may help too
and this