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Hankook tyre discussion

Hi all,

Just had a quick look at the Driver meeting minutes and see there's a discussion on the front Hankooks and a sugestion from Hankook to use the wider F3 type front tyres.
I used these last year in combination with the rear F3 tyre and think they are great.

There is however a big issue that i think you need to know about before trying these tyres as there is a massive difference in diameter so your car can't be raced with the usual rideheight.

I think the front end of the car needs to be re developed to get the car to work with these tyres. I used a front rideheight @ more than 2 inch to get a setup that worked for me but seriously isn't ideal for my Mallock mk27

Just to let you no.

Gr, Onno

Re: Hankook tyre discussion

Quite correct Onno.
The 'Clubmans' front tyre is 170/515R13 and the F3/F4 tyre is 180/550R13, hence the difference in diameter is approx. 35mm or 17,5mm affect on ride height.

Re: Hankook tyre discussion

Actualy the 180/550R13 feels and looks more like a 200/550R13 so think the balance with a 210/570R13 won't be better than a 170/515R13 i'm afraid. Yes the tyres are great in combination with the 240/5757R13 F3/F4 tyre as i used them.
But think most of you think that's a bit of an overkill for a 200bhp Clubmans.

Did you try smaller rims on the fronts?

@Pete the difference in size is even bigger, specs @ Hankook say 511/551= 40mm and yes it is that much!
They also say 8-9 inch rimms but the Dutch supplier says 7,5-8,5 inch??

I don't no the exact problem on the front tyres but think Dave can explain that for us?

Suggest that when James and Mark have this problem they should slow down a bit like we all do...