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Class designation - for clarification

For many, Silverstone will be the first meeting this year. At the moment, the following class designation has been adopted:

CSP1 - Proto / A class cars - no additional symbol required

CSP2 cars - K Sports 1600 - Red Spots x 3 (2 sides, 1 front)

CSP3 cars - 1300 - Yellow spots x 3 (2 sides, 1 front)

The purpose of this is purely for the Spectators to see what type of car it is. The program will always identify what class that driver is racing in, according to the one they entered with BARC. Normally, these should tie up.

There has been an occasion at Croft whereby the Catchpole car was raced in the hands of James Clarke, with a red spot, when of course the driver is attracting points for the CSP1 Championship. This was done because the car is a CSP2 car, and we hope that it will make the grid with a different driver very soon. Peter Richings has also been racing his CSP2 car this year but attracting points for the CSP1 class. We have an idea that will easily overcome the problems associated with this scenario, and we hope to get as many of us together at Silverstone for an informal Drivers discussion.

For now though, please use the above designation - I still have some stock of red / yellow circles, kindly provided to us by Andy Marshall, so please come and find me when you arrive at Silverstone. I'll be the one hobbling around.