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BBQ at Silverstone

Dear All,

Looking forward to the upcoming race weekend at Silverstone. Hopefully the good weather will stick around, although many I am sure are hoping for it to be slightly cooler...

The plan for food - in case you haven't received the email:

1030 am - Bacon Butties

Post race 1 - 1700-late - BBQ. The Register's food budget will provide some basics to get us going and the side dishes to accompany the BBQ, such as potato salads, rice salads etc. I will also try and put on a few desserts for those of us with a sweet tooth. Please can I ask that you bring along a meat contribution or dessert option to the party for yourself and/or others, as well as some beer/wine of choice (naturally) - let's have a good time.

We may need extra BBQ's so if you have one we can use, please can you let me know that would be most appreciated.

1030 am - Bacon Butties

See you there!!