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Croft CSP2

Well, here goes another year .. hopefully of close racing, respect on and off track and friendship.

Particular welcome to our newbies although neither are inexperienced - David W being author of the Autosport Track Guides (along with our very own Tech Rep David Beecroft).

Although contrary to BARC list I am not entered for this event, I do intend to get there this weekend - it is IMO the best Clubmans track we have - but in case I don't make it for any reason then a few of things:

1. If there are any general matters regarding CSP2 class and I am not there, please direct enquiries to our tech' rep' Dave Beecroft.

2. If you have engine malady issues then I believe that Paul Freeman will be present (if not actually racing which would be great if he is) but do remember that his obligation is to diagnose and assist if he is able to but that substantial works are a matter of financial agreement between you and Paul.

3. I note that one of the deputy clerks is a guy called Nigel Edwards; spiffing fellow but be aware that he has migrated 'up' to cars from kart racing and typically kart race clerks are in love with driving penalties ....

Have a great time, be aware!!