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Towing eye regulations.

There's been a bit of talk about these recently because the MSA have published some 'non mandatory' regulations which championships can adopt. After a discussion with BARC it is agreed that we will not adopt these. However, it should be considered that the current regs in this area, which will remain in place for 2017 are as follows;

a) There must be substantial towing
eyes securely fixed to the main structure
of the vehicle, front and rear, within the
confines of the body to enable the
vehicle to be moved. Cars of periods A
to F and single seater racing cars are
exempt from this requirement subject to
a suitable towing point being clearly
identified. Towing eyes must have a
minimum internal diameter of 60mm.
Towing eyes/towing points should be
painted a contrasting bright colour
(dayglo red, orange or yellow, marked
with an arrow and the word “tow”.

Please note that our cars are not in period A to F and nor do they meet the MSA definition of a single seater.

Do we all believe that we comply with this? And those that feel they do may wish to offer advice to those who may feel otherwise.....