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Classic race number/newsletter

David Childs allocated me race number 31 for my Haggispeed Mk10 A Sport about two years ago, for both HSCC and The Register, but as I have not raced it during this time can anyone confirm that this is still my number please? (I have checked with Anne and it is good for The Register) it's for HSCC that I need to know. Also, would someone kindly put me on the mailing list for the Classics newsletter. (The classics website has not responded to these enquiries, perhaps not very good promotion for us?)

Re: Classic race number/newsletter

Hi John

I have taken the liberty of forwarding your request to David's son Gavin and to Mike Sales, both of whom are involved with the Classic Clubmans HSCC side of things. I can only assume that with David Childs' recent passing and subsequent funeral arrangements, your earlier messages might not have been processed.

Best wishes