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Re: BARC's 2016 online system

The system seems to be up and running now. You need to email/phone them to get a PIN.

If your typing is as bad as mine, it appears the backspace doesn't work, so you have to hightlight and retype.

Sunroof: "hightlight"? Is it your keyboard backspace sticking?

All: I have just had a go. The procedure deems to be that you first register for the championship by phone or email. You will get a confirmation by email and (presumably) PIN. What can possibly go wrong?

From BARC site

"By telephone to (01264) 882209

By email to

In both cases, please confirm:

(a) Your name

(b) Your email address (this will be your username and will be used for all correspondence)

(c) The name of the championship for which you would like to register

(d) The make, model and cc of your car

(e) The class (if applicable)

(f) Your preferred championship number

Once you have provided these details you will receive an email confirming your registration and you can then log in using your username (email address) and your allocated Pin Number."

Re: BARC's 2016 online system

Told you my typing was rubbish.

As is my proof-reading, obviously.

Oh and don't lose your PIN. There doesn't appear to be any way of activating a reminder email, or indeed changing it to something you stand a chance of remembering.

I assume the selection process for this "system" was 'does anybody in this office have a mate who has a rudimentary knowledge of html?'.

Re: BARC's 2016 online system

May i just say BARC is creating a distance? Last years i had weekend registry's wich made things easy for me as a foreign Clubmans member. Why?
Well, most of the time postage from BARC was so poor that i didn't get any info before i left my home to arrive on time for the races...
Having a weekend registry made no discusion on the weekends as i had to pay per weekend. Last races i did last year i had to ask for entree tickets at the desk wich is veru weird if you pay 6 weeks before the event.

How comes nobody knows you have to register by sending a mail to BARC just to enter the races? Do they want us to race or do we need to beg for it?

You might understand that i don't like the way BARC inform us!!

Gr, Onno

Re: BARC's 2016 online system

I have some sympathy with your opinion Onno.
As I did my first BARC Clubmans race in 1979 i'm currently waiting for my PIN to arrive without requesting it..........why else would I have taken out competition membership for the last 37 years???????

Re: BARC's 2016 online system

Yesterday I jumped through the hoops and received a prompt reply containing the URL for the online system site and PIN. This led to a page of personal detail some of which was completed from the data in my email and some that was held on file. I had to fill in a few gaps, in particular next of kin details, but finally got registered along with Sunroof and a couple of others.
Once registered it seems that it will be possible to buy race entries online, although none as yet are for sale. There is a good thing! It seems that registered members will be able to see a full entry list for races they are interested in.

Re: BARC's 2016 online system

...Last races i did last year i had to ask for entree tickets at the desk wich is veru weird if you pay 6 weeks before the event...

Onno, Will BARC allow you to nominate a UK address where one of us could receive your paperwork?

Re: BARC's 2016 online system

Ian Watson tells me that an invitation to participate will be going out to paid up Competition members, probably later today.

Re: BARC's 2016 online system

Brian, the years before papers and tickets were always on time. It took Anne 2 days to get the AGM postage at my place so not that long i think.

It's more the communication (mostly non) that bothers me from the BARC, i didn't get any tickets last year!! So not even after the weekends but nothing at all.

Re: BARC's 2016 online system

Onno, have you contacted Ian Watson at BARC about your issues?
We find him to be very helpful when he is a aware of a problem.