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Your 2016 season

Delighted to report that your championship title is being sponsored again by King Henry's Taverns, combined with a substantial donation from our man in the North East which includes start money and a free BBQ again for Croft.

Your race trophies are sponsored by IM Enterprises, with hopefully a secondary benefactor to cover our extra race trophies this season to be announced soon. Driver of the Day awards by Mallock Club's Peter Burnham again, plus as usual the freely given time and expertise of Brian Jordan and your committee members.

To complete the above sponsors' generosity, we hope that someone may step forward to also help with your race weekend hospitality and prize giving wine (circa £1,750).

Meanwhile, I hope all the drivers are frantically polishing their helmets (complete with Hans attachments) in anticipation of their first weekend of three races on Silverstone's wonderful GP circuit at the end of March. All indications are that it'll be a bumper entry so please don't risk being a reserve.

Re: Your 2016 season

Might be me but cant find the race entry form,any clues ?

Re: Your 2016 season

You're right, the entry forms aren't there yet. I'll find out when David plans to get them uploaded and let you know.

Re: Your 2016 season

Thanks Chris,thought I was catching up with you and losing it lol