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New Regs for consultation

I don't know how many of you check the MSA website for proposed Regs that are put out by the committees for consultation but 2 were so placed in November 2015. They are proposed for Jan 2017 - so next season - but are worth taking into account now, thus:

New Reg: Q.9.1.2: any driver competing in a car other than a single seater* with a power to weight ratio of 0.34bhp/kg or higher must hold a minimum National A Licence.

I would suggest that even tho' *the definition of Clubmans Cars in our Regs includes the magical words 'single seater' we should be prepared for this. Obviously it is your own responsibility to 'do the math' to see what your own power to weight ratio is, but ....

New Flag Reg' which is designed to enhance or supplement the concept of a rolling whole circuit yellow flag namely...

Q.15.1.1(e) which will introduce a new Code 60 flag. What this means is that when displayed (it will be full course) then all cars must slow to 60KPH (yes, KPH) and no overtaking etc. When the flag is displayed and when it is withdrawn, it will be first displayed / withdrawn at the start finish line and will then be displayed / withdrawn in both directions from the start finish line and replaced with a green flag on that basis and there is no overtaking until you pass a green flag.

I am not quite sure how all that would work in a race where the field was spread out and you might end up with a 'dead zone' half way round the track with competitors having cars in attack mode from behind while being unable to speed up as they have yet to see a green flag. It has to be remembered here that it is not just no overtaking, it is not exceed 60 KPH (36mph) ....

So apart from any views as to how it might work (well or badly) all those of us racing in cars without speedometers will need to be very certain of what RPM is indicated by 60KPH in all gears so as to avoid breaking the Regulation and which will be policed. Of course that means in turn you will need to know with precision based on your final drive ratio in use at the venue on the day...

Anyway, have a look and don't be afraid to make your own representations about these things; you have the opportunity and can influence matters. If you don't bother, there are no grounds to moan!!

Re: New Regs for consultation

We have code 60 at the DNRT events here in Holland and it works perfectly well. This shouldn't be dislayed/withdrawn on the finish only but with flags at all posts by the marshalls.
Big advantage is that the safety car doesn't come out to delay a restart, gaps wil stay as they are before the code 60. Speed can be controlled by laptimes.

Re: New Regs for consultation

I will do the mathS