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Geoff Friswell Trophy race 1 November 2015 - Marcus's duff car cams

Click here for the video:

This is the last race of our very busy 50th anniversary season, with the new Geoff Friswell Trophy and cash prizes for class winners. We were a guest race at the Walter Hayes Trophy Meeting so we were surrounded by Formula Ford cars from all over Europe. My GoPro seems to have been burnt out by the very strong sun, low in the sky, so I have shown some of the rear cam pictures which are fun. First couple of laps getting on Peter Burnham's tail (white No75) with eventual Sports 1600 class winner Brendan Herd (No89, now what colour would we call that?) coming through quite quickly from behind. It's a shame the rest of the video is almost unviewable because Brendanand I had a ding dong for each 20 minutes of the race including several corners side by side. A great win Brendan, thanks for the company. Robert Manson won the Friswell Trophy overall in his A Sport Mallock. This was my last race in the Mallock Mk26 which I have had since 2000 and which is now up for sale (view at Mallock Sports).

Re: Geoff Friswell Trophy race 1 November 2015 - Marcus's duff car cams

Great day out Marcus from start to finish (Cheers Chris) . A pity about your camera getting fried as I’ve no idea how many corners we went round side by side but it covered a fair chunk of the race, much appreciated. It’d be good to see you back in the future?