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Got the wets on our two cars ready to contest the Birkett along with 16 other Clubmans cars in 3 teams.
With a total entry of over 200 cars the car I am most looking forward to watching is Marcus' red Mustang in the rain.
We are racing again a week Sunday at the Geoff Frizwell race which now looks to be well supported. If the plum pudding race on Boxing day was still on we would have donw an unpresidented 60 races between our two drivers this season.

Re: Birkett

A great year Richard, and befitting our 50th anniversary. Now the best event of the year this coming weekend - the historic Holly Birkett, my 40th.

Re: Birkett

Congratulations to the both of you, well done.

Re: Birkett

Brilliant end to the season for some of us.
With all 3 teams and 4 classes, Over 1000 miles of racing with only one minor hic up which was sorted in 5mins. Weather conditions from monsoon with aquaplaning. The last 15min with an unbelevable sunset causing problems with reflections on rooster tails.
Congrats everybody.
Congrats to world champion Lewis Hamleton.