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An open message from your Chairman.

The whole point of having a Drivers' Meeting is for your democratically appointed Committee to listen and, where possible, implement your majority views - so come to the meeting and have your say there, that's why we have this each year. If you can't make it, send a Proxy vote.

It pisses me off to see long-winded diatribes of where Clubmans is going wrong - some of you may have noticed that we have one of the strongest grids in the country thanks to sensible management, a helpful organising club, and many benefactors who ask for nothing in return. Our club is run democratically and you simply get what you vote for, so come to Sunday's meeting. If you don't like some of what happens, then vote or go forth and multiply.

Re: An open message from your Chairman.

Nice attitude from a person who should not only be encouraging new people into clubmans but and also encouraging people to stay if your attitude is if you do'nt like it leave that is not good telling folk to seek sex and travel is not only rude but very arrogant as you quite rightly state we are or should be democratic sometimes decisions have to be challenged It is my believe we have a right to the freedom of speak and if you don't like what you hear perhaps you should take a leaf from the book you preach from and please note to result to using swear words on this open forum highlights your ignorance !!!!

Re: An open message from your Chairman.

Hi All,

Hope the driver's meeting had a good turn out and went well, especially for all those wanting to voice their opinions/ideas and channel them through the right arena to get proper action/notice - as Chris rightly pointed out and with the correct stance and demeanour, if no-one turns up and votes but still beats on about how unfairly they are treated etc, then who's to blame - certainly not the Clubmans Committee.

I know I've rambled on various occasions in this forum all be it from afar (still like to keep tabs and will come back one day when time & finances allow) and generally but not always agreed with other postings/comments which is why the forum works for open discussion, and the main reason 50yrs ago Clubmans was initiated from day one democratically - unlike other formula's where no-one gets a say other than the organisers (especially one make/manufacturer's e.g Radical).

Yes change is needed and agree with Dan and others that to keep moving forward with the times to attracting new comers is needed and introducing or opening up areas that individuals can play with ie tuning, designs, own engine builds etc is allowed and again nothing to stop another class or sub class within each one that states this car/driver is open/experimental (not necessarily for spectators more for competing drivers to know where they fit etc) but not necessarily at the expense of undoing what has already been done i.e. canning classes due to size etc or making engines obsolete by changing to new ones. (defo like Jonty's idea of rolling road and limiting power/revs and maybe use air restrictors like in GT racing and allow any engine type - again different engines will have their advantages and disadvantages similar to chassis design which all adds to the mix and great ethos of Clubmans.) You could also add what BHP each car has next to race number! Only need commentator to explain what it means etc, which adds to the spectacle even more.

Lots of different Formulas, Saloons maybe faster in a straight line but a true comparison is in the lap times and corner speeds which Clubmans has in bundles. I remember racing with Ray M at Brands in the Classic Clubmans and him posting lap times on GP Circuit very close to Aston Martin C1 times and nothing further apart in budget terms or value - again another aspect Clubmans has and always will!

People have invested time and money in their cars but may not have the money or time to compete every race or season, but they still need a class to exist so when they do come back they have somewhere to race - if not their investment is wasted, then you will lose drivers and confidence for good.

Everyone has the right to an opinion, but if the majority are happy and grids (as a whole) are healthy, which they appear to be, then the club does not need the minority to bring down current and past efforts of members and committees - as is the democratic way, no-one is forcing anyone to race in a series they are not happy about!

Open discussions work and so do AGM's and maybe add a couple more formal meetings/working groups throughout season at race meetings so there is time not only to voice but for it to sink in and if agreeable, action over a period rather than hastily.

One last note - Any Formula in any country will have extremes between budgets - FACT. So nothing better than beating those that have larger budgets than you - money can't buy talent!

Happy racing.

Tom B