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Shoot the Hare (not Jonty..)

We have several threads now running about the class debate (?class warfare?) and in reality the facts and the solution are simple (or 'simples' if you really want a meerkat allusion), in no particular order:

1. The Club Rules provide for a max 2 reps per class.
2. There is 1 Cup Rep (Peter Richings) and 1 Classic rep (Brian Hunter) only.
3.There are no Proto Reps.
4. The Club Rules also state that changes to class regs can only be brought to Committee via and with the sanction of the Class Reps.
5. Accordingly it is arguable that no alteration to Proto class regs can be brought until such time as (3) above is remedied in order to enable (4) above to occur.
6. Therefore step or item 1 at the meeting should in fact be be to nominate Proto class reps (who ATB= will then be ratified and thus elected at the AGM).
7. Step 2 should be to nominate (see above) the Cup and Classic class Reps so that there is proper 'ownership' of the issues to be discussed at the meeting.
8. Proto cannot be changed for 2016 and thus
9. Proto Reps can lead their own group with a view to reverting to committee and relevant membership in mid-2016 with proposed 2017 Proto Regs for incorporation in the Championship Regs.
10. Despite what has been written and average figures etc, etc, regarding Cup entrants the facts are: 2014 6 entered all races; 2013: 5 entered all races; 2012: 5 entered all races; 2011: 7 entered all races.
11. There is not currently sufficient strength in depth to hive off any classes to own races.
12. There is currently sufficient strength in depth to ensure substantial grids of mixed classes regardless of the specific composition event to event.
13. To suggest that Cup and B sport are hived off (at this stage) is seen by many as no more than a back-door to get rid of Proto (and A class) and hence the reaction.
14. Therefore leave 'it' exactly as it is, ensure substantial grids of mixed classes and
15. If and when we actually have an event where the grid is oversubscribed at that stage we have provision for more than 1 race where the classes are or can be divided Proto + A and Cup + B.
16 In that way we can save a load of grief and time on Sunday.

The Hare has been set running but it needs shooting for the sake of the future of Clubmans as a whole and in the interest of those who innovate and engineer solutions, like wot our history is.

Re: Shoot the Hare (not Jonty..)

There is no 'warfare' - except perhaps in some people's minds.

The purpose of circulating subjects for discussion is to get everyone thinking before the meeting and to allow free and open discussion, followed by a democratic vote.

Don't look for conspiracies where they don't exist.

Re: Shoot the Hare (not Jonty..)

Thank you for being so patronising! Really ...

I thought that even in 2015 and the era of terror, conspiracies required more than 1 person? As you seem to be telling me what to do ( I suppose it is possible you are telling us all what to do), I can clearly state that I haven't mentioned 'conspiracies' (i.e. the actions of more than 1 person).

And 'democratic vote'? 'On what?' I should like to know.

Re: Shoot the Hare (not Jonty..)

How silly.

Re: Shoot the Hare (not Jonty..)

Hey guys lets all pull together and stay away from conflict, there is a lot to talk about on Sunday let's all adopt a positive friendly approach to the meeting?

Let's also make the best decision for the club not our own personal agenda(s)?

Look forward to a lively discussion and seeing you all again.


Re: Shoot the Hare (not Jonty..)

Agee Andy to many personal agenda's perhaps we should scrap the lot sports 1600 and proto and start again with a completely different engine one class with loads of power and cheap much lighter as well I say bring on the bike engine one engine and fair for all and free choice of tyres !!!