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Lap Record

Re Cadwell Park Classic B Sport lap record, wasn't that broken by Adam Patterson during the 2014 season..?

Re: Lap Record

According to MST Timing results for HSCC Cadwell Park 22.06.
2014: Adam Patterson fastest lap during the Classic Clubmans
race was 1.34.23

Re: Lap Record

Unfortunately I don't always spot new lap records particularly those set at HSSC meetings. This isn't an indication of any bias on my part as much as it is a comment on the number of hours in a day; I will review this record and update the site accordingly.
As a general observation, anyone spotting errors or omissions on the site is more likely to get a response by using the contact page than by posting in the forum because forum messages scroll out of sight and out of mind very quickly and the contact page sends an email.