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Petrol tank for Steve Everson

Has anyone got a spare petrol tank they could sell cheap or give to Steve please? He couldn't finish the second race on the throttle because his present 12.5 litre tank is a weenzi bit small! He only won the first race at Snetterton because the safety car meant that total fuel consumption was way less than if the race had been run at full speed (and because he is such a brilliant driver).

The space available would be ideal for
Height 270 Length 300 Width 300 mm max.

Or he could put a second tank alongside his existing one which would be
Height 270 Length 300 Width 150 mm max.

Birkett 6 hour coming up!!!

Thanks in advance

Marcus 07748 111444
Steve 07591 989870

Re: Petrol tank for Steve Everson

Thank you so much to the two members who contacted us to offer a petrol tank. We are checking the dimensions against the space available. Looking good, although Steve's plan to do the Paris Peking rally 2016 has faded. Birkett better.