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Castle Combe 10 October and Silverstone Walter Hayes 1 November

Now is the time to get your entries in for the last two events of our tumultuous Clubmans 50th anniversary celebrations. If you add up the BARC and HSCC rounds with the friendlies, Clubmans have run 37 races at 17 events in 2015. Is that a record which will last till the 100th anniversary? And, imagine, there are some drivers with us now who will be alive then.

The Haggis Memorial Trophy is at Castle Combe on 10 October and the Geoff Friswell Trophy at Silverstone on 1 November.

1) Castle Combe on Saturday 10th October 2015 - The Haggis Memorial Trophy

The Castle Combe Racing Club has kindly admitted Clubmans competitors to enter the Sport Racing Series race without having to be a member. So it's just £225 for quallies and a race with the other regular Castle Combe sports cars on their Grand Finals Race Day (yes, expect lots of spectators, such a novelty). The Haggis Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the leading Clubmans car (any front-engined car which has competed in Clubmans in the past) including Classic Clubmans. This event is likely to be fully-subscribed (as their regular competitors will enter too) so please enter early to avoid disappointment. Castle Combe has agreed to tell me when their are only ten grid places left and I hope to relay that to you via email or the forum at thereafter.

You can download the Castle Combe entry form at

2) Walter Hayes Trophy meeting at Silverstone, Sunday 1st November 2015
for the new Geoff Friswell Memorial Trophy

This will mark the end of the 50th anniversary season and is the big one as far as Harty is concerned. Just £215 and it is billed as a race for Clubmans cars only, so we hope to impress with numbers. Open to all "cars conforming to the Clubmans or the Historic Clubmans regulations" according to the entry form.

PRIZE MONEY!!! An anonmyous benefactor is offering £100 for the first Sports 1600 home and the same for the first Classic B Sport car. There will also be a standard trophy and £25 for Driver of the Day from the Sports 1600/Proto group and the same for the Classic group.

The HSCC has already sent entry forms to those of us who have entered the races at the Walter Hayes meeting in the past but you can also get it at

Both these events are open to all Clubmans cars as long as you pass MSA scrutineering.