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Brands Accident

Just wanted to say a very big thankyou to everyone for the help and support after my little incident,back home now very sore and legs a bit stiff ,I did say leg,thanks to Mr Hart for presenting me with the garland for best acrobatics of the event and if anyone has any video footage or photos id be very grateful if you could e mail them to me
If anyone knows how to get a message to the marshalls and medical staff id like to just say a big thanks for their excellent work in dealing with the incident
Its been said before and im gonna say it again, Clubmans the best formula in the world,once again thanks to everyone for their help and concern

Re: Brands Accident

Pleased to hear that you are home John and good luck with the rebuild - we will be looking forward to seeing you and Liam again soon.

Regarding the marshals and medics - I'd suggest you contact Ian Watson at BARC

and I'm sure he'll make sure your message gets to the right people.

You're dead right Clubmans is the best!

Best wishes,


Re: Brands Accident

Thanks Pete I have sent him an email to pass on my thanks

Re: Brands Accident

Sorry to read you were into a crash John. Hope you are in good shape soon.