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Brands Hatch Pit Garages

As you may have seen already we have been allocated a number of pit garages at Brands.

It looks like there may have to been some which are shared, but most will probably be one car per garage. As usual I will do an allocation early next week and post here - so please get your entry in asap if you'd like to be included in the allocation.

Re: Brands Hatch Pit Garages

Here's the allocation - 26 cars in total :-)

1 Barak/Wood
2 Hunter
3 Clamp
4 Payne
5 Bscher/Hart
6 Lake
7 Gilmour
8 Langridge/Langridge
9 Everson
10 Graham/Herd
11 Pickering
12 Champkin
13 Jordan/Burnham
14 Smith
15 Richings
16 Webb
17 Player
18 Hayward
19 Mitchell/Lambert
20 Goddard

Re: Brands Hatch Pit Garages

Re: Brands Hatch Pit Garages

OK, so the subtle hint didn't work too well.

Am I in the outer paddock then?

Re: Brands Hatch Pit Garages

Or share with one of your friendly competitors......