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Please see note from the General Manager of Donington:

"We are receiving loads of enquiries about access time to the garages on Friday (one person in particular very upset), it does not seem to be clear in the final instructions?

Would you mind passing on the information.

- Unless they are booked on the Javelin day and/or evening, access to the garages and paddock 1 will be from 21:00.
- Anyone testing on Thursday and not on the Javelin day, must vacate the garages and relocate to paddock 2 or 3.
- On Friday paddock 2 and 3 are available for competitors to set-up and the scrutineering bay can be used in the afternoon.

Note there are 2 events taking place on Friday, Javelin on the circuit and paddock 1 and a Toyota seminar in the Paddock Suite."