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Air Filter

Thinking a new air filter might be due as I don't know how long its been on the engine but looking at the regs the filter is a K&N 57-0044 but everywhere I seem to look it says this has been superseded by K&N 57-0176,help and advice required please,might even treat it to a new set of plugs

Re: Air Filter


The answer per the K&N site is to use filter part number RC 9250. As you say 57-0044 is out of production not to return and -0176 is the entire kit. You only need the filter and the above is the part no for that.

Alternatively give the one you have a good wash in Fairy liquid and let it dry naturally .... save £54 plus postage ...


Re: Air Filter

Thanks for that info Jamie

Re: Air Filter

Jamie is quite correct on the part number info - must change the regs as I keep forgetting :-(
Another good way of cleaning your existing filter is a good blast with an air line from the inside out.

Re: Air Filter

Thanks Pete,thought about the airline route but looking at the filter it looks pretty crappy,new one sourced on fleabay from YB Filters,£39.50 free postage so one is on its way,ironically when I checked where its coming from its just around the corner from where I work