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Zandvoort DNRT races 17th may

Good news! The DNRT decided that we have our own race together with the formula cars and the Westfield cup will have their own races also. This means less cars on track and less chance on accidents due to the speed differences.

With around 15-20 cars on track there's loads of place at the 4300 m track.

Normaly we try to get the garages wich will cost around 30-50 euro depending on the anount of cars per garage. I think we could have the clubmans cars together in a double garage.

Looking forward.

Re: Zandvoort DNRT races 17th may

So many happy memories of Clubmans at Zandvoort (some un-repeatable!), really sorry that I can't join you all.

Re: Zandvoort DNRT races 17th may

The Mallock just booked their van and trailer via Harwich on Stena for only £255. Use the booking offer code B310. I can stiull accept late entries. Download the notes and entry form at this Clubmans web site on the "Current Season" page

Re: Zandvoort DNRT races 17th may

Just got the schedule for 17th May at Zandvoort:

Clubmans run in the VF (Vrije Formule) = Formula Libre

07h00 Start of sign-on
09h50 VF Free practice 15 or 20 minutes
10h55 VF Qualifying, 20 minutes
12h25 Obligatory briefing
13h35 VF Race 1, 12 laps
15h10 VF Race 2, 10 laps
16h10 VF Race 3, 10 laps
17h30 A 50-minute race for Sakers and Porsches ends
17h40 Clubmans awards ceremony
19h00 Competitors on the 22h00 Stena ferry from Hook fo Holland to Harwich (latest boarding 21h00) should leave Zandvoort to leave plenty of time (1h15 in normal traffic but Sunday night may be congested in parts).

That's about 1 hour 45 minutes on track.

Re: Zandvoort DNRT races 17th may

I'll ask Ria to organise a briefing in English for the Clubmans racers.

Re: Zandvoort DNRT races 17th may

For those who have a small fuelcell; 12 laps on Zandvoort is +/- 18 min. This is based on a lap of 1.50
To give an idea:
My fastest lap in Proto mk27 1.45 mk20 (200bhp)1.47 mk20 B sport (2003) 1.53

Diff choice? Use same diff as Snetterton 300

DNRT has a code 60 rule, when the code 60 flag i shown all cars have to drive max 60 km/h (38 mls) the whole track and no overtaking until the green flag is shown. This is done to keep the number of red flags down and the safety for the marshalls to the max. Be aware that racecontrol is very keen on this so check your revs/gear on this.