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It was such a sad,sad day at Croft

Yes Borat’s Lurve wagon finally gave up the ghost on the annual long trek up to the North Pole, as we pulled into the Paddock on Thursday night it sighed it’s last (travelling) breath. Borat opened the front hatch to see that although we had put four Hankooks in at Bournemouth only three arrived! The fourth must have escaped somewhere near Birmingham through the well concealed floor escape hatch.
It was a very tearful departure last night at 7pm I could see that Borat did not want to “let go” however he consoled himself with the thoughts that it had been donated to a local grass track racing club and that it was going to live out it’s retirement as the nerve centre for grass roots motorsport.

Donations to “The Borat’s Dads Trust” no flowers please but condolences on this forum are OK.

Click Here:-The Goodbye

Re: It was such a sad,sad day at Croft

Commiserations on your loss

Re: It was such a sad,sad day at Croft

I was rather hoping the marquee's chandelier would be lighting up its interior! Didn't realise it was its last resting place - so sorry, but pleased that another life awaits.

Re: It was such a sad,sad day at Croft

John thank you, I shall really miss my son parking (or dumping) said VIP caravan on my front drive.

Mrs Robin will also be devastated that he can't nest in there as well.

Re: It was such a sad,sad day at Croft

Harty, no chandelier needed to light it up. We did have some 5 litres of V-Power left over after the race, it was tempting to warm up the paddock a bit but a last minute deal was done with the "grass-trackers"