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Zandvoort May 17 - Mallock Memorial Trophy Race for all Clubmans cars

Yes, the clock is ticking and it is time now to enter for the Clubmans races at Zandvoort on 17th May. You have until Tuesday 28th April to benefit from the low £200 entry fee... that's only ten days away, so why not get the entry in NOW!

You can find an explanatory note at

and the entry form at

Note that to secure an entry you must email the completed form to Peter Burnham and have paid by 12h midday on Tuesday 28th April (or by post to me) - just £200 which leaves you some budget for licence and ferry. Otherwise you would have to travel to Holland without the guarantee of a starting place. Why not enter now and get it done; that would help us a lot in the planning. Also, the bigger the advance take-up the higher the chance of getting a bit of extra track-time.

The event is open to any car and driver elligible for BARC Clubmans or HSCC Classic Clubmans in 2015. We have failed in our quest to get the Race National B licence validated for the Zandvoort meeting. I apologise to anyone who got a Race National B Licence for 2015 and will now have to convert it. Price of the upgrade is £62. The MSA (Race Licence department director Michael Wentworth) accepts race result sheets instead of signatures.