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Joining in the fun

I am planning on joining in the Clubmans fun at some point. I have been a long time enthusiast of Clubmans racing, indeed Marcus tried to recruit me to the cause about 13 years ago but I bought a Vauxhall Junior for Monoposto instead. However, I have finally bought a car.

It's a bit of a project, and it's a bit of an oddity, as its Phantom P79 with a bespoke sort of single seater style bodywork. It last ran in 750mc "Clubsports 2000" about 11 years ago, with a Vauxhall engine and that's what I plan to put back in it.

I was hoping to get it ready for Donington but I think that's too ambitious, but I will be out sometime this season.

Not sure how to post pics here but I have put a picture on to the Clubmans Facebook page.

Hope to see you in the paddock this year.


Re: Joining in the fun

Andy, Welcome, look forward to racing with you :0)

Regards Andy

(BTW can't see any pictures on our Clubman's Register page)

Re: Joining in the fun

I've "Shared" Andy's post with photo on our FB Home page now...........

Re: Joining in the fun

Welcome Andy, looking forward seeing you on track! If you can't join the races at Donington with the car you're always welcome on the paddock. Good pre preparation to start racing with us.

Re: Joining in the fun

Thanks for the welcome folks. I only live a mile from Donington so I will be there on one of the days at least. I'm hoping that it won't be too difficult to get the car up and running but when has that ever been the case with race cars!? I will probably do a Wednesday morning test at Mallory before entering any races as this is a very different car from what I'm used to.