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Croft Entry

As this will be the first race entry for about 25yrs unsure about how we find out if our entry is accepted and when/how we find out?,if someone could enlighten me as to how its done id be very grateful and save me sitting here wondering,cheers

Re: Croft Entry

Hi John

Normally BARC will e mail you within a day or two to acknowledge your entry.
As it's the busy Easter weekend that might take a little longer.
I would suggest that if you haven't heard by next Friday then a call would be worthwhile to make sure.


Re: Croft Entry

Thanks Pete ,we sent the entries for the meetings were doing and updated the details a couple of weeks ago so hopefully all is well and as you say will give them a call Friday if I haven't heard anything

Re: Croft Entry

Don't worry John, your entry will be accepted, and in any case Pete and I have access to the entries as they happen, so we'll keep a look out for your entry. Welcome back to Clubmans after all the years.

Re: Croft Entry

38 yrs to be exact Chris although never felt as though ive been far away sprinting and hillclimbing Mallocks,Centaur and even had a Gryphon for a while,but I must admit to being a tad excited about being back to the real thing,