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Clubmans 50 Anniversary Teamwear display equipment : Help!

We are going to be selling the glamorous and sought-after clothing at each race meeting. Do you have in the attic a collapsible hanger rail on which we can arrange the jackets and fleeces in various sizes? Or are you a schmutter merchant/fashion glitterati and you have so many of these that you could spare one? We would be most grateful if we could borrow a rail for the season.

Also do you have a few stackable plastic box in which we could put the shirts and caps for safekeeping and transport? Again, a loan would be most appreciated.

And the good news... take-up and pre-orders have been good to very good, including large numbers from our HSCC Classic Clubmans friends. Yippee. We will be informing you which items are being done and in which colours, but I need a weekend off to do that.

Wishing you happy car preparation in the meantime!


Re: Clubmans 50 Anniversary Teamwear display equipment : Help!

Many thanks to Ian Crombie. Half a dozen big plastic boxes and hanging rack received yesterday. T Shirts and caps are in stock. Rest expected before Donington. Ready to go.