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Lynn suggests a gag as well :0)

Date of implementation: 1 January 2015
10.1(e) An FIA approved FHR device, fitted in accordance with
FIA regulations, is:
(i) Mandatory for the driver of a Single Seater Racing Car
manufactured after 01/01/2000
(ii) Recommended for the driver in all other forms of Circuit
Racing. This will be a mandatory requirement from 1st January
2016, with the exception of Period Defined Vehicles which will
remain as a recommendation.

Bugger, the GEM is post 2000, that means I'm going to have to dig into the pension (again)

Re: Lynn suggests a gag as well :0)

It's an extremely good idea to use a HANS (FHR) device and has been for along time. I'm amazed it has taken this long for the MSA to make this ruling.

However Andy, our cars are not classed as single seaters, so the use of these devices will not be mandatory for us until 2016.

Just put it on your list for Santa.......

Re: Lynn suggests a gag as well :0)

Pete, where can | put the passenger

Re: Lynn suggests a gag as well :0)


Then you'd need two HANS devices.....

Re: Lynn suggests a gag as well :0)

Doesn't the safe Driving Code require two hans on the wheel

Re: Lynn suggests a gag as well :0)

Ho Ho Ho!!!!

Andy should tell Adrian about that :-)