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Hankook Tyres

At the Drivers Meeting last Saturday we approved the use of Hankook tyres in the following sizes for 2015;

170/515R13 and 210/570R13

These will be available in both slick and wet in time for next season - slicks from late Jan/early Feb and wets a month later.

Our sole supplier is
Contact Paul Dyas.
Price will be £499 + vat per set. Be sure to state you buying for Clubmans to get this price.

I'd like to thank Andy and Adrian Langridge for kicking this off and WYD and Alex for their hard work testing the tyres recently, plus their feedback at the meeting on Saturday.

PS The Dunlop will continue as an approved tyre in 2015.

Re: Hankook Tyres

this all sounds good news

Q1 - is the price quoted inclusive of fitting ?

Q2 - will Hancook be attending any of our race meeting to supply & fit ?

Re: Hankook Tyres

Hi Richard
It feels like a good outcome.
Answer 1 - yes - their base is in Birmingham as you may have seen.
Answer 2 - tba - will try and negotiate at least one or two early events when we know our calendar.

Re: Hankook Tyres

Are these also the tyres for Proto??

Re: Hankook Tyres

This is what Harty posted on the website home page on Sunday;

Sports 1600: To adopt the Hankook radial slick and wet for Sports 1600 alongside the remainder of the previously specified Dunlops up to the end of 2015. NB: Classic "A" and "B" tyres to continue to run to the HSCC regulations for 2015 plus Hankook as specified for the BARC championship. Proto to continue to be "free" with a view to adopting the Hankook radial for 2016.

For absolute clarity;
Sports 1600 in 2015; Hankook or the old Dunlop. Target is Hankook as control tyre in 2016.
Proto; Free as in 2014, Hankook encouraged with a view to use as a control tyre in 2016
Classic; As current regs, plus Hankook.

Re: Hankook Tyres

Are they only available in black, or are colour coded versions available so we can bling-up?