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End of Term!

Congrats Howard after all these years! Commiserations Michelle - 1 point what a fight!

Well done Alan so improved and Marcus at last a title!

Barry the MetroGnome 12 Titles (11 real ones..)
Looking forward ...

Re: End of Term!

Well done to all the winners in the various classes and commiserations to those who came close

Re: End of Term!

Did you mis something last year Jamie?
Mr. Bicknell didn't become his first championship as far as i know!
But so happy that he'll have to defend his title another year!

Re: End of Term!

Yes, congratulations to all the class champions, sounds like a really exciting end to the BARC championship.
I'm curious, do enlighten us Jamie, as to why Barry has only won 11 real championships and not 12 ???

The HSCC Classic Clubmans 1965-1980 championship is not settled yet and the B Sport class is going down to the wire at Brands hatch this weekend, good luck to all ,hope the weather is kind and the racing is fun. See you all there, unless your busy picking up a trailer or doing the garden.......

Re: End of Term!

I'm really sorry to have missed such a thrilling weekend of racing. In fact, the whole year has been pretty action-packed and I'm delighted for everyone involved. Congratulations not only to the Championship winners, but to all those in Clubmans who played a part and made it such a cracking year. Plenty to celebrate at the Dinner Dance and a great lead-in to our 50th Celebrations!