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Anyone free to help at snetterton

Hi all

Just wondered if there was anyone going to snetterton that could give me a hand, mainly helping lifting the bodywork on and off at scruteneering and during the course of the day between sessions. I don't want to take up anyone's time that's already helping with a car or drivers and quite happy to pay you for your time. I thought I would ask about as Google is saying its 500 mile from here to snetterton which seems quite a lot to subject a helper from up here to. if you can help you can either e mail me or my mobile is 07712 806174 .



Re: Anyone free to help at snetterton

Yeah of course can help. Brother in law with me too who knows what he is doing also!

Re: Anyone free to help at snetterton

500 miles? That's what I call enthusiasm. We ought to do Knockhill next year, that's probably only 250 miles from you!

Re: Anyone free to help at snetterton


Steve thanks very much I do feel guilty about getting help off yourself or any other driver as it's difficult/stressful enough sorting your own car out. I knew it would be a bit of a long shot as most people going to the meeting would be helping someone already but thought I would ask! At worst I will have to do what everyone else does and bring someone along.The good news is I want to change the body soon so I will be able to run the car myself so this should be the last meeting .

Chris, I have never been to snett and I love going to new tracks so am sure it will be worth the drive , never mind knockhill next year I've been there plenty would be great to see a European round although I probably should get my car to finish a race first!

Re: Anyone free to help at snetterton

It's Clubmans Gareth! Help anywhere around on the paddock! I remember my first race with Clubmans at Silverstone 2011 changing a gearbox (got it for free to use) just before 1st quali and being to late at scruteneering at ounce there was Cristopher Burnham helping me out with all the stuff i needed! Withouth asking he helped me, he must have seen me coming late as others were already on track. No wonder i'm still racing with Clubmans!

Anyway, Peter is with me to give me a hand where needed and if you need a hand just let us know, be glad to help!
And yes i'm more than 500 mls from Snetterton and very glad to have a friend like Peter to share me on the events.

So you are racing Zandvoort next year?

See you at Snetterton!

Re: Anyone free to help at snetterton

Hi Onno

thanks for the offer of help I agree totally with your thought on clubmans there is always someone to help you. Lets see how I get on this weekend first but Zandvoort sounds interesting.

See you there