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Thanks all for a great weekend, especially the many helpers who add so much value!

Great to see that in our Championship this year so far we have had 40 competitors taking part!

Re: Croft

Croft thanks:
Thank you to all 25 drivers who arrived at Croft over the weekend - I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Our commiserations to Phil Barak who returned to Northamptonshire with a broken engine on Friday after testing, and the relief in the paddock of hearing that Clive Lester is recovering after falling ill on Sunday was wonderful news. Clive's message to us from his hospital bed was that he'd arrived at Croft with an engine misfire (cured by Paul Freeman), and left with his own misfire!

Needless to say the racing was stunningly good with a mixture of wet for Saturday's qualifying and race, and dry for Sunday's events. Hankook slick radials were tested on the Langridge Mallock and Gem, Proto was won by Dan Gibson on Sunday, and Paul Gibson on Sunday. Mikey Day won Sports 1600 on Saturday with a return to form win for Alex Champkin on Sunday. "A" Class had Alan Cook winning on Saturday with Californian Rob Manson winning on Sunday. "B" Class multiple champion Barry Webb effortlessly won both his races. "Drivers of the Day" were Chris Hart and Rob Manson, and Mechanic of the meeting was Peter Burnham.

The Marshals sent us a note of their thanks for feeding them in our garage hospitality area over the weekend (I say "us" but obviously mean Hazel and her team who probably never want to see another sandwhich again!). The lady Marshall who was Paul Gibson's passenger in his 1min 30'ish lappery of the circuit on Sunday morning in his McLaren P1 was wonderfully emotional when she emerged from Paul's car. The Croft circuit team were supportive of our various requests of help, and Ian Watson and his BARC colleagues could not have done more to ensure we had a great weekend. Our thanks to BARC's Chairman, Simon Clark, for presenting our trophies and prizes.

The rounders match organised by Marcus Bicknell on Saturday night was hilarious and great fun (see our Facebook page for video and photos). The following BBQ had our paddock enjoying a convivial evening of wine, burgers, and sausages. Even the evening's rain showers added to the famous Clubmans cameraderie.

With all scrutineered Drivers leaving with an extra £125 from our main sponsor as a contribution to their travelling costs, plus those drivers who'd entered Silverstone and Saturday's Croft receiving prize money of £125 from their three races, the weekend cost so much less. The "Driver of the Day" recipients even had £25 cash to take home. It's not often money flows back into our pockets in our chosen sport!