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Wheels needed at Croft

Borat and I plan to enter Croft in July. Borat will be in his favourite racecar, the Mallock Mk27. I will be in the GEM (mainly as it's the only Clubman's car I can get out of, yes I can get into the Mallock but getting out is somewhat embarrassing, it's not a funny sight to see an aged driver writhing around in a cockpit in parc ferme for 45mins).

We are trying out a set of Hankook radials on both cars and therefore will be entering them as Proto's

The reason for this posting is that we only have two sets of wheels for the Mk27, one wet and one dry.

It would be nice and a bit more scientific if we could run back to back tests with the Dunlops vs the Hankooks on the Mallock, so my begging bowl is out does anyone have a set of Mallock wheels we can borrow to achieve that?

Alternatively if you have a set of mounted Dunlop's and we had fitted Hankooks to our wheels could we borrow a wheel/tyre combo for just a few laps again in our Mallock?

All data will be fed back for the Registers use. you want us to keep the same race numbers and just put a P on them?

Re: Wheels needed at Croft

Dear Andy, i have not engineered my mk27 to radial tyres so any help on that would be very handy. As i haven't done any testing on tyres yet i will be using my Dunlop's for Croft. I have a fresh set from last year and a 3 year old set wich i will be using for free testing. When my front suspension is adapted for radial tyres i'll go for some testing with radials.
You are free to use my Dunlop's if i don't need them or we could swap tyres so i could have a go on your radials?
I have the Dunlop's on Mamba rims now but might choose to go for the Revolution rims if they fit better. Let me know if this would be of interest, my plan is to do some testing at friday at Croft but nothing sure yet.

Re: Wheels needed at Croft

I've got loads of wheels with the ex Reece Wood car so will happily bring a spare set with old (6/7 years) Dunlops on which worked of a fashion at Silverstone the other week. The only challenge would be the offsets, particularly on the rears because my car has a centre'd diff.
Yes, just put a "P" after your numbers for the weekend. I'll have some with me.

Re: Wheels needed at Croft

Centred diff, never heard of that one Chris, doesn't it make the drivers a$%e area a bit tight?

Re: Wheels needed at Croft

Thanks Guys, I'm only thinking that it might be a last minute rush to mount the tyres on wheels at the track?

I'm not sure what are plans for setup are yet, Hankook I think would like to see what they would do with the same settings as cross-plies, whereas we (Team Langridge) fancy cranking on some negative camber.

As Dan E will be in charge I normally take his advice.

Onno, yes if there is time on Friday you will be welcome to give them a blast it all depends on how much trouble there is on the day? And if my lorry passes it's MOT today (Friday 13th)

Re: Wheels needed at Croft

Sorry Andy, i can't make it to Croft. My biggest setback at the moment is the rearaxle. The Danish designed it their own way and the design doesn't center my wheels so i need to redesign the wheel mounting. Further on a lot of bodywork fitting things to do but they just need time and that's my biggest enemy at the moment.

Re: Wheels needed at Croft


wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to get some new wheel centres from either MB (Mike Barnby) or Image and use your existing inner and outer rims????? it's not as if fronts and rears need to be interchangeable is it????

so that's about 2 hours work rather than 2 weeks ....

ie we want you at Croft!!!

Re: Wheels needed at Croft

Problem is not at the rims Jamie! It's the rearaxle design from Denmark. And the mk20 axle doesn't fit this car. Also loads of other small things to be done, thought you would understand that mr. Champkin, i don't have Alex here to be working on my car..

Re: Wheels needed at Croft

yes understand but wont give up with ideas to try and get you there? all the best