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Fuel tank and wheel size

Hi all,

Couple of questions for you,

1:What is the capacity of everyone's fuel tanks?

2: what is a good/general width of rim front and back?

Does anyone have a good second hand set or bad second hand set I could use for a mock up?

Things are progressing, I have decided on using a zetec engine and have already sourced a Dry sump pan. All I need now is a bare block and head so I can start to mount them up for the dry build.

Any help is always appreciated ,


Re: Fuel tank and wheel size

I'd say fuel tanks are generally in the 12 - 15 litres area.

Most rims are 8" front, 10" or minus an inch. Offsets very variable car to car.

Re: Fuel tank and wheel size

What area are you in Stuart and I'll see if there's someone nearby who can loan you some wheels? Email me rather than the Forum to keep any email addresses I pass on out of the public domain.

Re: Fuel tank and wheel size

Pete, it looks as though it's going to be a Proto with a Zetec engine so I would expect higher fuel consumption than your K sport engine?

We run 20 Ltr fuel tanks and don't fill them up so much as the sports 1600 cars seem to use 12 litres in an average race?

Re: Fuel tank and wheel size

Good point Andy......
Plus heavy drivers need more fuel!!

Re: Fuel tank and wheel size

He might be a "Jockey" like you

Re: Fuel tank and wheel size

Not quite!!!!

Thanks everyone for your help to date,

Re: Fuel tank and wheel size

For the Clubmans races my 200 bhp zetec could do with 15 ltrs, my mk27 has a 17 ltr cell wich should be enough for 15 min + 1 lap. (zetec 2.0 220-230bhp)