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Silverstone DIY BBQ

Here is a reminder of what's happening with regard to Social Services on Sat evening prior to our Sunday racing at Silverstone.

BBQ ‘DIY’ Dinner on Saturday, 31st May at 7.30pm

We are to have a BBQ instead of going out to a pub this time, to take place on Saturday, 31st May at 7.30pm. To be prepared, you should arm yourself with a disposable barbeque (or pack an Aussie style one, if you have room!) and bring along the food and drink of your choice. We intend to meet up in the paddock at or before 7.30pm, probably in and around the Clubmans hospitality area and have a communal cook up! If you want to turn up early to get your Barbie going, feel free! If it's anything like last year’s BBQ at the very same circuit, we recommend you bring a warm coat too! Looking forward to another great evening and hope to see you all there.

Trish & Brian
Clubmans Social Services