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Static display Silverstone 29th May - would you like to help?

Some of you might have seen my email "Here's an interesting opportunity to get together with some clients and partners with the legend of F1 motor racing Mark Webber. It's at the prestgious BRDC clubhouse at the Silverstone circuit on Thursday 29th May 2014, just a month away. The young people involved, in teams representing Aylesbury College, Amersham & Wycombe College and Buckinghamshire New University, will compete in unique challenges of teamwork, inclusion, determination and endurance including Hand Cycle racing and Krypton Factor Challenges. All the details and a web link for booking places are on the attached documents (email me if you want to see copies). The event (first time this year but will be annual) is in favour of the Aylesbury College Trust, not far from Silverstone, which aims to provide support and inspiration to young people in Buckinghamshire under the guidance of Pauline Odulinksi OBE. Mark Webber is the patron of the charity."

What I did not say is that I have been offered a space for a static exhibition of my Mallock Mk35. I will run a "Guess the Weight" competition with a prize of two tickets to our Silverstone meeting with the FIA GTs two days later and a cap signed by Mark Webber (who is wonderful to work with). Would you like to spend an hour or two manning the static display and getting people to enter the competition. I cannot get you into the lunch (which is £150 a head, a fundraiser) but there are events going on and you never know who you meet. Pete Burnham has lent me a couple of Clubmans banners so I shall promote the formula at the same time.

Thanks! Marcus