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Unknown early Clubmans / F1200 car

Hi there folks,

I'm restoring this car.


More photos are shown in this set on Flickr:

I have spoken with several drivers from the period, and we all agree its design seems to put it in the mid to late '60s, and either a Clubmans or a F1200 (a F750 car would have 2" box rails in the chassis).

Does anyone recognise it?

All I know is that it was found in a dismantled state in Cheshire or North Wales in the mid '80s half way through having a Ford 1500GT (pre xflow) swapped into it, which makes me think it might have been a 1000cc A series clubman originally.

I have no name, chassis number or bodywork, so I'm almost finished the buck for the new GRP front (though this may bear no resemblance to the original of course).


The original driver must have had big feet though, as the pedal box extends outside the line of the chassis. The back axle, Diff cover and wiishbones are fairly distinctive in design

In 'The Lone Furrow' Paul Lawrence describes someone North of Northampton building a series of Replica Mk8 chassis. I wonder if it is one of these which I am restoring - The book mentions John Baily suggesting they may have built more Mk8s thean Mallock(!) and that Alastair Douglas-Osborn may have hillclimbed one.

does any one know who this was, or have any pictures?

Or better still, does anyone recognise the chassis?

Many thanks.