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What a great Clubmans event this was with a great grid of all Clubmans classes racing together, a true display of what are all about !

The camaraderie throughout and up and down the pit garages was palpable and happy smiling faces reigned. Long may it continue!

Thanks to Ann and Hazel for the hot and cold continuous supply of sustinence and Cliff for keeping us in order...

It was great to see Steve and Arlinda back out and enjoying the friendship and even leading Mark for a few laps!

Thanks to all for a memorable weekend and look forward o seeing you at the MSA event in July.

Re: Silverstone

Well said Jamie - it was a great weekend.

It's a certain J R Champkin (Phantom) that we are all looking forward to seeing on the grid again soon........

Re: Silverstone

Photo here of race two Class winners enjoying their success:

Note: A Hart Senior Moment had Marcus as Proto winner when it should have been Steve Everson - sorry Steve (again!). Marcus was leading but had a moment on the last lap when Steve overtook him.

Look out for the link to Pete Burnham's race report in afew days.