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Silverstone 2013

Hi All,

Sorry but i can't make it to Silverstone. Due to several reason's my engine didn't run well at Snetterton and i didn't have the time to fix it before next week. So plans changed to Rockingham.
Due to the problems with the carbs wich Charlie fiexed at the track my spark plugs were gone, also at home i found that the body pushed the new airbox down and with it the first carb so that's why the engine run so bad in low revs.
Now with some new stuff i'll have a go on the rolling road the 10th and my first outing the day after @ Assen. Wish you all the best for Siverstone and let you know my progres after Assen.

If any of you is interested in a race weekend @ Zandvoort the week after Rockingham please let me know. It is the SRW (Super Race Weekend) with the DNRT and you wil probably have 1 free practice 1 quali and 3 races. I know it's short in time after Rockingham but loads of time after that weekend to prepare the car for Brands!



Re: Silverstone 2013

Sorry to read you can't make it Onno, your friendship will be missed. Good to read that you have isolated the problems however and hope Assen goes well! Sadly we cannot make the Zvoort weekend after Rockingham as we shall be in the sun (we hope!) in the Med'...

All the best...

Re: Silverstone 2013

Good luck Onno...........see you at Rockingham.