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Message from Classic committee 10/05/13

Although I am trying to get my singularly uncompetitive new Cup car going this year in the BARC championship I still retain a keen interest in Classics and the HSCC. I was very encouraged to see (in Mike Sales's e-mail message 10/05/13) that 17 Classic cars took part in the HSCC Cadwell race meeting which I think is a terrific turn out, far better than usual for Cadwell, so well done. I am sure this bodes well for Snetterton where Classics traditionally get a good turn out.

There is one apparent error of fact in the message Mike Sales sent where he says that "naturally we have had a lot of interest for the Gold Cup meeting at Oulton Park but PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO HAVE COMPETED AT THE EARLIER MEETINGS". It is the organising club, the HSCC, who decide on the acceptance/rejection/reserves when races are over-subscribed.

Mike's assertion that preference will be given to competitors at previous meetings seemed to me (correctly)to be a bit unlikely so I checked with Alan Jones at the HSCC. For the record his reply was that if there were too many entries the criteria were:-

1)First preference goes to full HSCC (year) members as opposed to day-members.

2)After that preference is given in date order of receipt of entry (the later entries running the risk of missing out).

This issue is probably academic as the grid numbers allowed for the Oulton International circuit are 32. Furthermore, there is a Derek Bell Trophy double header which Classics can enter as an alternative/addition to the single Classic Clubmans race if there is any problem with getting an entry for the Classics' race.

As an aside it would be nice if a few more Classic drivers entered the BARC Championship rounds. The races so far have been safe, fun and the paddock very sociable but I feel the Classic drivers who do turn out could do with a bit more support and competition with their own kind. The B class cars are reasonably competitive with the slower Cup cars whilst the A Class have beaten most of the Protos.

All the best and enjoy the rest of the season - Ian (Mitchell)