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Snett apologies

I echo Harty, Pete's and Onnos warm comments about the Snetterton weekend. Great fun even for those that did not complete two races.

Firstly apologies for my bad starts and thank you to those directly behind me who drove round so professionally. First gear just does not stay engaged and in several cases has just popped out into neutral when the lights go off. I have a new Elite on order and hope to have it for Silverstone. One of those racing engineer buffs was asking me about the car on Sunday and when I said it had an Elite box his eyes went slowly skywards. Mikey's Elite goes from 2nd to 4th in some circumstances but he's learning his way round it.

Secondly, my apologies for driving back through the field in the Sunday green flag lap. Mea Culpa. Blue Book confirms that if every car on the grid has passed you then you must stay at the back of the grid for the start. The implication is that if you get going with just one car behind you then you can drive through to your original position. I warranted my 10 second penalty for this which I found out from the marshal alongside my dead car at the end of the back straight. By the way, the very same Blue Book says it is not legal to use more than half the width of the track to swerve and warm your tyres. There can be someone coming through, so these two rules are connected.

Thirdly, my apologies to all the other competitors for my breakdown on lap 1 of the Sunday race and your two laps wasted under the course car. After my cruise to the line in the driving rain on Saturday my electrics had not dried out and the 15amp fuse for the 65 psi fuel pump popped! We shall be increasing damp protection on electrical joins, and for those that know my engine problems, going back to the 45psi pump having cleaned injectors and fuel pressure regulator. One of the Honda Zetec competitors in the paddock there had an engine expert and the misfire I have had is apparently quite common in Honda S2000 roadcars too; so we are the way to a fix.

Re: Snett apologies

I hope that I've not started a trend to apologise - it's not what racing drivers do normally is it!

Oh, hang on, I'm forgetting - this is Clubmans with all the spirit that our formulae embody.

As an aside, and for those who didn't see Marcus race and win on Saturday in extremely difficult weather circumstances, he was awesome in his car control and commitment so here's a "Thank you" from this spectator.