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To all the people @ Snetterton who where so very kind to me and so very helpfull with all the tiny things in life that make life wonderfull i would like to say a big thanks! You all made me feel like i was at home.
Special thanks for the Champkins for their hospitality during the weekend.
This Snetterton weekend reminded me why i come to the UK for some Clubmans racing, it's not only the competition but also the warm welcome we get during the weekend. Peter was also very surprised by the warm welcome, you've got to know Clubmans works like a big magnet to us and yes i'll end with the words of a big filmstar: I'll be back.....

Special thanks to Marcus for lending his spare brakedisk for the weekend.

Got the data out of the logger today and found no problem with the ignitiion and battery so wil have a llok at spark plugs, fuelpump carburator etc later this week but am sure i'll find the solution soon.



Re: Snetterton

Thanks Onno. It's always great to see you and we're so sorry that your efforts weren't rewarded with a better weekend.

We look forward to seeing you at Silverstone in June where we're in the garages again.

We'll be having a BBQ in the evening - assuming the weather improves! Perhaps Peter can join you again.

Re: Snetterton

Onno it was a pleasure to see you again and to meet Peter. Looking forward to welcoming you back again and hopefully fully fit and with a healthy car!


Re: Snetterton

My car suffered from the rain on Saturday... the fuel pump 15 amp fuse popped on lap 1 of the Sunday race. Steve problems may be the same. So expect your problem to be electrical. Undo all the connectors and dry them out with the hair dryer. Good luck