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Cadwell - a day to remember!

The Classic Clubmans races at the Cadwell Park 'Wolds Trophy' meeting were packed full of high quality, highly competitive racing.
Great weather and a 17 car strong grid contributed to some stunning performances in both A and B Sport.

Congratulations to Mark Charteris who was undoubtedly the star of the day, setting a new stunning lap record of 1.25.8 and winning both races. Mark, Ray and John all set lap times faster than the leading Classic F3 driver!

Barry beating Clive in both races (by 1/10th sec in race 1!) gave the spectators even more entertainment, Clive having the consolation of fastest lap, only 2/10th off the B Sport lap record!
Great to see returnee Malcolm Jackson and 26 year lay-off returnee Mike Lane both out there having fun!

Re: Cadwell - a day to remember!

Some stunning lap times indeed....I was beginning to wonder if it was on the short circuit!! Reminds me of the real old days when Clubmans and F3 used to vie for fastest laps at Cadwell in particular.

The battles between Barry and Clive look like they may become a feature of 2013....who will win at Croft????

Great to hear that Mike Lane was driving - it was good to see him again at Donington in such good form.

Re: Cadwell - a day to remember!

Yes, a great day's racing at England's Spa where real men (and women) race fearlessly. Cadwell is one of the few tracks to have remained as circuits ought to be - scary. Thank goodness that Senna crashed his F3 car there and decreed that he'd never race there again. He did us a favour because it meant it wouldn't be emasculated with 12 feet high pit wall fencing, massive run-offs, and that almost extinct element of danger. Well done to all the drivers - I was proud to be in the commentary box and able to boast of our wonderful formulae.