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Brake lights and Clubmans cars.

To clarify a recent change to general MSA regulations:

A car running to current regulations published by the Clubmans Register does NOT require brake lights regardless of the event it is entered in. This applies to all Clubmans formulae events - not just Clubmans Register sanctioned ones.

Chris Hart
Clubmans Register Committee

Re: Brake lights and Clubmans cars.

Just to add to Chris' info.
A car does not have to be running in a Clubmans formulae event, it can be running in any event,(i.e. the regulations for that event allow Clubmans cars to enter), but as long as it is running as a Clubmans Formula car under CURRENT Clubmans Register regulations, then it does not require brake lights.

Re: Brake lights and Clubmans cars.

I believe that alternatively you can stick your right hand outside the car and and wave it up and down also?